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Aviva bottle 50 ml

Aviva Aviva bottle 50 ml

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In the middle of the Belgian Ardennes, where the air and the earth are still pure, one grows the plants, used in Aviva, are organically cultivated in an artisanal way.
The spagyrical preparation of Aviva is a very special and sophisticated one, and ensures that most of the healing power is got out of the ingredients.
For sometimes you need some more strength, like during the winter months, or maybe you were already laid up or have you always been tired… An optimal benefit is insured and the achieved
results are therefore sensational!
At: itching of the throat, nervous exhaustion, fatigue et cetera
- raises the resistance of the organism
- refreshing for the heart
- important for the nervous system
- for a good frame of mind
- relieving influence on throat and bronchia
- keeps the throat clean
- when there is pollen in the air
- during a period of recovering
And feel fit...
Echinacea: increasing resistance
Green Oats: fortifying
Vitamin C: protecting healthy cells and tissues
Composition: Foliae Echinaceae purpureae, radices Echinaceae angustifoliae, Avena sativa (green oats), vit.C, spiritus vini.
Packing: Glass vial with dropper, contents: e 50 ml