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Frequent Asked Questions

* How do I take Fluox with the CHIM?

Day 1, 2 and 3 => 3 x 1 pellet, every 2 hours (so not more than 3 times that day)

Day 4, 5 and 6 => 1 pellet in the morning and 1 pellet at 5 p.m.

Day 7, 8 and en 9 => only 1 pellet every week, e.g. each Sunday 1 pellet.

Then every week 1 pellet until you start your new CHIM.

Day 29: Start of new CHIM = Repeat this schedule.

* Why are the prices in US $ ?

Because of this webshop is especially for Out of Europe. For Europe it's

* Can you explain what those acronyms mean ?

Every standard MSP has a code, every product has a name.

You'll find the descriptions under the right Category in English, on

* I'm wondering how long the products last?

It lasts for more than months even years if stored in the right way, dry!

* I live in the US and am wondering how I order other products or MSP's?

You can order by mail and I will send you a PayPal request.
As soon as you have paid the products will be shipped.

* Is there a diet that you should specifically follow for Morgellons and what does coffee in the morning dew for your program? Does it affect it one way or the other?

There is no special diet. Coffee is no problem. Nothing interferes with the Ven method.

* I ordered to late my next Lyme Package and I miss these weeks, what happens to my progress?

Do not worry. The pellets continue their effect after you finished.
Naturally it is better to continue after the end of the cure but your progress will remain.
Just start immediately when the next order arrive.

* I had very good results from Immune MSP but they faded two weeks after I completed the program.
A week of Chim has restored most of my results so I am wondering what does getting a permanent result mean?

When will you have a permanent result? This depends on how much your body is out of balance. This is different for everybody.

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