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If you want to order a Lyme Package, please scroll down on this page.

First I'll explain what it is and I'll give you the instructions =>

The 'CHIM' is a 28 days Immune MSP in a blister, but even stronger.

Works deeper on the Immune system.

Take daily together the pellet(s) of one compartment starting with number 1, then 2 etc..

Let the pellets melt in your mouth or swallow them. They may be crushed up and dissolved in a teaspoon of water (f.i. for babies)

You may touch the pellets.

The pellets are pure lactose. The patterns that are induced on it are not chemical. Therefore the remedies have no side effects.

The remedies do not interact with regular medicine and can be taken together.

The aim of the Ven-Cure is to elicit a better attunement with your evolution and being more your free original self.

Fluox => is a dispenser with 100 pellets, carrier from information out of nature

General fatigue and exhaustion with its consequences => mental and physical weakness: absent-minded - sleepy - weak nerves – quickly crying for no reason - after lengthy mental effort - important for young, over pressured people - headache - nausea - imbalance (mental and physical) - weak muscles, especially after climbing stairs - a lack of red blood cells (anaemia) - support in case of flu - irritation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract - swollen glands – irritation of the throat – deep red throat - recovery from acute disease - gives courage after great sorrow - neuralgia - feeling of fullness in head - phantom pains - recovery of illnesses due to bacteria, fungi, viruses, miasma, pathogens,-all kinds of pathogens - eczema - fungus in the lungs - neurasthenia – pressure on the solar plexus - fatigue from negativity in the spheres such as after a funeral – after a visit where the visitor left his heavy backpack behind - restless sleep.

How to use?

Day 1, 2 and 3 => 3 x 1 pellet, every 2 hours (so not more than 3 times that day) 8-10-12 a.m.

Day 4,5 and 6 => 1 pellet in the morning and 1 pellet in the evening. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Day 7, 8 and en 9 => only 1 pellet in the evening. 5 p.m.

After 5 à 7 days again 1 pellet. Then 4 x every week 1 pellet. p.e. every Sunday (easy to remind).

The aim of the Ven-Cure is to elicit a better attunement with your evolution and being more your free original self.

Ingredients: all pellets are pure lactose and saccharose.

DISCLAIMER: "This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

AVIVA => a bottle with spagyric drops 3 x 30 drops in water/day no matter what time

Because, sometimes you need some more strenght as in the winter months or you were on the sick list or always tired ...

An optimal benefit is insured and the achieved results are therefore sensational!

In case of the throat, nervous exhaustion, fatigue et cetera

- raises the resistance of the organism

- refreshing for the heart

- important for the nervous system

- for a good frame of mind

- relieving influence on throat and bronchia

- keeps the throat clean

- when there is pollen in the air

- during a period of recovering


Echinacea: increasing resistance

Green Oats: fortifying

Vitamin C: protecting healthy cells and tissues

Composition: Foliae Echinaceae purpureae, radices Echinaceae angustifoliae, Avena sativa (green oats), vit.C, spiritus vini.

Packing: Glass vial with dropper, contents: e 50 ml

Heathy people can als take this package to keep their strenght, for instance once or twice a year.


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