Enhanced wellness for people and animals!

Can't figure out why your health has suddenly
gone into the ditch?

Are health practitioners baffled with your many symptoms
and cannot identify any problem whatsoever?

Are you having all sorts of bizarre problems since
you were bitten by a tick?

Do you suspect you may have picked up a mysterious
protozoa, mycoplasma, Borrelia, Bacteria, Rickettsia, virus, or tapeworm
that hide from tests after tests and just won't go away?

Don't know what is altering you? Don't need to know!

CHIM-Fluox-Aviva does not need a name of your unknown health saboteurs.

Every day I hear good results from this Lyme Package.

I really want to help people out of this nightmare.

Myriam Matthee


Lyme Package

Postbus 509


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CHIM-Fluox-Aviva creates an enhanced environment within you wherein Tick bourne infections or other unknown infections can no longer sustain life.

A Chance for everybody to evolve!

Thanks to Alfons Ven’s “Method and Vision”.

Alfons Ven (+ 2012) lived in the Ardennes, a mountainous region of Belgium, together with his wife Maria. They lived in the midst of immense natural beauty.

People approached him continuously to request his 28 days Matrix Support Program (MSP). Medical science failed him, when he himself was dealing with a major trauma some decades ago. Being electrocuted on the job, while working as an engineer dealing with control systems, ultimately resulted in a prognosis of imminent death in a hospital a year later. With great difficulty he got permission to die at home. He lived, however, and proceeded to study and experiment with a host of modalities to help himself, but could not find an answer to his quest. By going way beyond the current knowledge, he discovered how he could reprogram his own human control system.

According to Alfons, “the Invisible controls the visible”, including us people. For the first time he was able to isolate these instructions and redirect them at will. He endowed these instructions on simple milksugar pellets and tried them out on himself.

Already at the 10th day, he experienced the miracle of the much coveted turn-around.

His Vision poses:

 that everybody and everything is constantly “evolving”.
 that the Invisible governs and maintains these processes.
 that corrupted processes can and may be corrected through the application of “invisible control information”.

His 28 days MSP:

Alfons, proceeded to develop the 28 days MSP yielding in evolvement for everybody! His profound insight in the human processes makes it indeed possible for everybody to receive “course corrections”. The fact that it works for everybody makes this innovation virtually without limit. All that is required is the sucking in of a few simple pellets for 28 days. These sugar-lactose pellets contain nothing material. They are the carriers from information out of nature to restore the control of the control system (read the interview with Willem de Ridder on www.myriammatthee.com That’s why people do not experience negative side or after effects. The 28 days MSP always aim to address the totality of the human being. It enhances an integration of personality, identity, mentality and metabolism. The results are predictable. You feel more comfortable and consequently become more like the true you. You find yourself saying yes to life more, but also have the courage to say no more often. Your purpose and focus become clearer and that creates a greater sense of security.

According to Alfons, the notable therapeutic effects of a 28 days MSP are the logical consequences of the tuning up. The information enhances only your positive qualities. At the same time it stimulates the clearing of dormant disordering processes, the effects of having been oppressed, traumas in your past, etc.

You didn’t even have to mention details to Alfons. He relied on the intelligent working of the given instructions. Alfons does not put conditions on his 28 days MSP. He makes it clear that he is not an advisor, therapist or social worker. He simply offers the 28 days MSP in order for you to make ‘a leap forward from now to better’. The product’s insert states clearly that other treatments do not interfere with the 28 days MSP.

The 28 days MSP is appropriate for any age group.
The most unexpected and all but impossible results of the 28 days MSP show up every day.

It is hard to predict, what the ultimate potential of the 28 days MSP is.

On a practical note:
People call or preferably e-mail Alfons’ Foundation and state what is going on with them. They indicate what they see as the problem or what is bothering them. A lot of people do not call just for physical ailments, but also because they may be dissatisfied with parts of their character or behavior or not achieving their goals.

In fact everybody wants to get more living out of life.


1.) The Immune 28 days MSP.
Is equipped with the best and to the maximum, to deal with a wide range of problems. It is an extensive terrain treatment. Clearing up a lot of hidden issues. Optimizes and readjusts human processes. Gives steering instructions to assist total balance and success.
2.) For many people a single Immune 28 days MSP is sufficient. If you feel that there are still some unresolved issues following the first 28 day protocol, it is recommended to write an e-mail specifically identifying the unresolved issues and a second 28 day Ven cure will be personalized for your needs.
3.) Should there still be some fine tuning required, a personal interview will be arranged with Myriam, the daughter-in-Law from Alfons Ven (depending on time of availability for appointments), or a competent assistant.

Myriam can usually pinpoint quickly where the problem lies and she keeps that in mind when she puts together a personalized 28 days MSP. The highly intelligent preparations take care of the rest. Every little pellet works without fail. Sometimes the results are very subtle other times they are spectacular. Sometimes, something unexpected comes to light and is dealt with. On the other hand, people whose circumstances are working against them may “feel” that the 28 days MSP in not doing much. In reality, however, the information lies dormant, ready to jump into action at the right moment.

Always in line with nature, your freedom and the Invisible.

The “Foundation ”

Alfons consciously choose to work through a Foundation. It fully allowed him the freedom to do his work Pro Bono. Your payments go, for the most part, towards the day-to-day operating costs.
The steady stream of callers and the expressions of gratitude are living proof that the Ven Vision and Method works beautifully and is safe and sound.

Alfons’ Vision stands for a unique perspective on evolving, based on Alfons’ privilege to view deep into the interconnectedness of all things and processes.

Alfons’ postulated that growth of self is in direct proportion to the growth offered to others. That growth is also the result of a grateful attitude. Especially towards those resisting his mission. He himself does this with all his love, wisdom and strength. Alfons knows that the work he started; the work based on an orderly control system; will endure forever.

His leitmotiv: “A chance for everybody to evolve”.

You can and are invited to support his Mission by spreading the good news.
Alfons’ Foundation will thereby help as many as possible.

Mailing address: S.E.V., Postbus 509, 4645 ZW - PUTTE, The Netherlands
Phone number: + 31 30-233-3188
e-mail: info@alfonsven.com
website www.myriammatthee.com and www.alfonsven.com

The Alfons Ven Vision states that the Invisible controls the visible.
The Alfons Ven Foundation is not affiliated with any political, religious or spiritual groups or organisations.
The 28 days MSP works strictly with and in accordance to the steering principles of nature.
By means of the 28 days MSP, everybody is given a chance to evolve from now to better.
The 28 days MSP is not meant as a therapy per se, although the therapeutic effects are often amazing.
Wonderful are the positive changes in life and the getting back on track.