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After shave

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Every man has his pride and would like to have a soft face after shaving. This complete natural and vegetable aftershave was developed on the suggestion of Alfons Ven. This aftershave repairs the skin after shaving and makes it soft as velvet! Refreshing, soothing, pleasantly scenting and masculine.
A well-being for your skin! After disappearing of the scent, the aftershave will still be functioning. The intention is that you can stick to your own preferences for a certain perfume.
Eau des Herbes...
Only for outward application:
- soothing for an irritated skin as a result of shaving
- takes care of the skin
- supports the restoring capacity of the skin
- prevents unattractive looks caused by pimples
Composition: This aftershave is composed of an extract of chamomile flowers, Symphytum officinale, witch-hazel* and spirit of wine. all ingredients have been obtained from vegetable kingdom and the aftershave is consequently completely natural. The 100% natural scent is a scent of fresh savannah grass from the edge of the jungleā€¦
* own cultivation in untouched nature from the Mountains of the Ardennes.
Packing: Glass bottle, contents: e 100 ml