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Berberis Aquifolium is very specifically active and rather exceptional. Especially if your skin looks like the skin of an elephant, Berberis scores well.
This sorrow occurs to many people and it is not contagious. Although the cause is frequently unknown, stressful situations or an overloaded liver are often mentioned as the cause. Without knowing the cause, one can cleanse the skin with Alfons Ven shower gel en rub it in with Berberis ointment afterwards. The skin continues tp breathe, so breathing of the skin is not surpressed. You can rub Berberis where development of negative activities has to be changed in positive ones. For example: in case of red and sensitive skin. Very cleansing impact. Only for outward application.
Composition: natural ointment base of beeswax, produced by handicraft in an artisanal way according to an old recipe. With Berberis Aquifolium, lecithin and biological wheat germ oil (to soothe the skin), Aristolochia Clematitis, Viola Tricolor, vitamin e, Crab Apple, Alfons Ven Remedies ® (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packing: Glass jar, contents: e 60 ml