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Boosted Mineral Water

Boosted Mineral Water Boosted Mineral Water

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Boosted Mineral Water is an exquisite water, in which the cosmic energy has been stored.
. improves the absorption of all minerals.
. gives spontaneous life energy
. promotes harmonious growth
. organizes the flow of energy
. increases your vitality
. works against fatigue all day
. controls your central nervous system
. reinforces the concentration, the physic strenght and the digestion.
. works against the negative effects of toxins
. stimulates the functioning of all organs
. increases your defence mechanism (immune system)
. gives you a rejuvenated and great feeling.
Drink a little amount of ± 25 ml, preferably in the morning.
Avoid drinking BMW water after 15.00 hours. You might not be able to sleep.
In the beginning there may be light detox- effects. They will stop. If necessary adjust the dose or stop for a little while.
A break inserted after one bottle , for instance, will give the body the opportunity to process things nicely.
People with serious and debilitating illnesses can continue to drink the water and increase the dose systematically.
Packing: Bottle, contents e 780 ml