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Deodorant Women

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Sometimes you wonder if sweating is rather natural, because it is never pleasant! And slowing down sweating, just cannot be healthy? Then this will be the answer: Therefore this complete natural and vegetable deodorant was developed on the advice of Alfons Ven.
The Spray is harmless for your health. The ingredient farnesol is a vegetable kind of alcohol, which prevents the increase of bacteria (which are responsible for body odours and stains as a result of sweating). Sage and witch-hazel reduce sweating, and chamomile takes care of the possible sensitive skin. The scent of this deodorant is fresh and brief. After a while you will not notice the scent anymore, but the deodorant is still working. The intention is that you can stick to your own preferences for a certain perfume.
Fresh water for women

- fights the undesirable body odors in a natural manner
- slows down or reduces sweating
- repairs the sensitive skin as a result of excessive sweating
- gives a safe, fresh feeling during the whole day, also for people who usually do not sweat
- acts also as a good odor-eater, for example to refresh a room.
Composition: This deodorant is composed from farnesol, sage, witch-hazel*, chamomile and spirit of wine, all ingredients have been obtained from vegetable kingdom. 100% natural!
* own cultivation in untouched nature from the Mountains of the Ardennes.
Packing: Glass bottle with spray, contents: e 100 ml