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Thanks to this fantastic composition you will feel the comfort of tireless legs and a soft skin.
Hocus Pocus…
In Dutch language Hamamelis is called “Toverhazelaar” (witch-hazel). This plant blossoms early and apparently produces fruit before flowers… “Toverhazelaar” have not stolen its name: it enjoyed already a good reputation with the fighting Northern- American Indians because of its amazing powers. What do you think they looked like after such a battle?

Hamamelis is only used externally and gives a pleasant gentle feeling once applied. Also people with a dry skin dare to shake hands again.
The pleasure of a well-treated skin...
- has a positive effect on the blood circulation
- in case of marring veins
- in case of tired legs and feet
- care of fingertips, mouth angles, nipples, anus…
- rough and poor skin
- care of corns and callosities
- (only for outward application)
- gentle day- and night moisturizer, hand- and feet moisturizer
- for example to use as care product after a pedicure
- purifies the skin
Composition: natural ointment base of beeswax, produced by handicraft in an artisanal way according to an old recipe.
With Hamamelis Virginia, lecithin and biological wheat germ oil (to soothe the skin), Aesculus Hypocastanum, Aloë Vera, Aristolochia Clematitis,vitamin E, Alfons Ven Remedies ® (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packing: Glass jar, contents: e 60 ml