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A man is of the strong sex and there is never anything wrong with him. For this reason they never need anything. But sometimes luck deceives him, and it seems he has to swim upstream.
You have worked hard for many years or you get the feeling you grow old all of a sudden. Or you have to realize a large project, once you just don’t dare to speak out your thoughts to the management… As an adolescent nobody understands you, and at school it all does not go very smoothly. You take everything they say in a wrong way and you are very short-tempered at the slightest contradiction. You can’t tell it to someone, but sometimes you feel lonely and de-motivated. “He” can help you, especially in combination with “Support” you will achieve miraculous results! “He” gives back your patience and balance, and gives you again love for life.
- positive for body and spirit
- favorable for a good male balance
- helps to give up smoking
- after abuse of coffee, tobacco, alcohol...
- burned up feeling
- for a good condition of the blood vessels
- gives spirit!
Especially for men...
Also all male animals can benefit from HE:
- positive for body and mind
- for good reactions
- reinforces the vitality
- in case of higher demands when needed for sport (- performance)
Suitable for any age, generally necessary as from puberty. One cannot abuse the pellets and they have a very particular value. Perfectly to combine with a dispenser SUPPORT.
Composition: Saccharose and lactose, 100% traditional prepared according to the revolutionary “Ven - method” (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packaging: Dispenser with about 100 pellets.