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HTK: (house, garden and kitchen ointment = All-round wonder-ointment)
The history of HTK
In 1986, Alfons and dr.Geerts devised a calendula ointment, which exceeded all expectations: “the white ointment” (purifying and fit for a sensitive skin), but that was not all. With many children playing in the neighbourhood, who often fall, another soothing ointment soon arrived, on the basis of beeswax. It worked extremely well and we called it: “the yellow ointment”. In 1987, Alfons and dr. Geerts combined these two types of ointment and with the years they refined and improved it in such way that now it is popularly called “wonder ointment”.
The HTK of to-day should be present in every medicine chest, sports bag, handbag, baby bag, luggage, etcetera. Children ask spontaneously for the “Ven ointment”.

All-round ointment...
HTK is easily spreadable and only for external use:
- for recovery after physical effort
- for treatment of muscles at sports, makes the muscles supple
- supports the restoring ability of the skin
- prevents formation of scar tissue
- good for the connective tissue of the skin
- soothes at once
- alleviates the pain of blisters
- wintertime: in case of a cold, apply on the forehead, in and around the nose
- summertime: when you were in the sun for too long
- in case of irritated skin
- in case of red and sensitive skin
- genitals: alternating with the Mono-ointment
Composition: natural ointment base of beeswax, produced by handicraft in an artisanal way according to an old recipe.
With Calendula, grown in the unspoiled
nature of the mountains in the Ardennes, lecithin and biological wheat germ oil (to soothe the skin), Symphitum Officinale, Acorus Calamus, Pinus Silvestris, vitamin E, Crab Apple, Alfons Ven Remedies ® (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packing: Glass jar, contents: e 60 ml