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These extremely gentle gel-cream (between a gel and a cream) contains very valuable ingredients. Especially developed to keep in shape or improve the healthiness of the skin.
Important and unique is that Hydragel does not contain emulsifying agents, therefore the barrier which protects the skin will not be damaged and the skin will remain young and supple!
Extremely well for the connective tissue of the skin. Protects the skin against ageing. A revolutionary gel-crème, useful for everyone!
Particularly suitable for very sensitive, poor, dry and thin skin. For this reason no perfumes or aromatic substances have been added (like for example etheric oils and so on).
Moisturizing, restoring, nourishing, anti-ageing !!
Only for outward application at:
- irritated skin
- red and sensitive skin
- a “tickling” feeling on the surface of the skin
- dry areas
- harsh skin becomes soft and smooth
- care of geriatric stains
- care of the skin in an extremely modern way, to protect it against dehydration en to keep it young and supple
- feeds and protects the skin
- soothing
- moisturizing
Revolutionary rapid recovery...
Packing: Glass jar, contents: e 120 ml