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Alfons Ven considered the ingredients of this ointment carefully. Did you know that near nettles always “Smalle Weegbree” (Plantago lanceolata) grows? And do you know why that is? You surely know what nettles can do to us! The juice of the bruised leaves of the Plantago lanceolata soothes this problem immediately. This plant is unique because it is both astringent and soothing at the same time. The Plantago lanceolata used for MONO , is freshly plucked in the Mountains of the Ardennes, on walking paths where cars don’t drive .
It is so processed that the best results are noticeable after a short time.
Clears the skin thoroughly...
For outward application only:
- in case of red and sensitive skin
- in case of spots and blackheads
- to treat the skin after being stung by an insect
- soothes in case of a tickling feeling on the surface of the skin
- supports the restoring ability of the skin
- increases the resistance against unfavorable bacteria and moulds
- genitals: alternating with the HTK-ointment
- purifies the skin
Composition: natural ointment base of beeswax, produced by handicraft in an artisanal way according to an old recipe. With Plantago lanceolata, lecithin and biological wheat germ oil (to soothe the skin), Aloë Vera, Aristolochia Clematitis, Viola Tricolor, vitamin E, MSM, Crab Apple,
Alfons Ven Remedies® (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packing: Glass jar, contents: e 60 ml