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Relaxing Bath Oil

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Alfons Ven has asked dr. Geerts to develop an exclusive bath oil for himself (sensitive skin). Because he is very enthusiastic of this product we also like to share it with you. It is a luxurious bath oil which helps the body to relax after an enervating and stressful day. The natural and fruity scent creates a restful and relaxing atmosphere. Ensures a fresh and youthful feeling. Stimulating for the skin.
A nice aspect of this bath oil is that it is intelligent.
- does your body need rest? Then after this bath you will be rather relaxed, you can enjoy the rest of the evening in your armchair.
- does your body have still some energy, then your battery will be charged up in such way you can get to work immediately!
Your paradise on earth...
Only for outward application:
1) soothing effect:
- for caring and soothing the skin in all circumstances
- stimulating/ refreshing
- stimulates the skin function
- favorable for a good mental balance
2) luxurious effect:
- restores the skin after overload of mechanical, pollution and climatic stress such as strong sunrays et cetera.
- stimulating and refreshing fragrance during bathing
- permanent pleasant fragrance on the skin after bathing
Can also be used in a Jacuzzi & does not leave oil edges
Composition: With among other things the tranquilizing power of Sint Janskruid, (Hypericum perforatum) oil from stones of peaches (ensures a soft skin), marigold and Aloe Vera (both very salutary for the tired skin), further also Neem oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, oil of cold pressed sunflower seeds.
Packing: Plastic bottle, contents: e 200 ml