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A woman is a very unique person. Sensitive, sensible, practical, helpful, multifunctional et cetera…
Therefore, it’s pleasant to maintain these abilities without having any problems. “She” is developed by Alfons to let women enjoy their lives in a comfortable way, while they accomplish their full time jobs effortlessly. “She” brings young girls in balance to make the puberty a more pleasant period. Take “She” and feel well!
Stimulates a natural and regular menstruation, in case of complaints before/ towards/ during the menstruation like exhaustion, variable moods, irritability before the menstruation, stimulates a feeling of well-being, stimulates the metabolism, supports weight control, ensures well-being during pregnancy, helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause like congestions and irritable feelings… Comforts at ups and downs, advantageous for a well balanced mind, improves the concentration… Gives spirit!
Especially for women...
Also animals can benefit from SHE:
for example: in case of pregnancy inconveniences, changing moods, for a normal menstruation, jealous behavior, et cetera.
Suitable for any age, mostly necessary from puberty on. Good during pregnancy and breast feeding. One cannot abuse the pellets and they have a very particular value. Perfectly to combine with a dispenser SUPPORT.
Composition: Saccharose and lactose, 100% traditional prepared according to the revolutionary “Ven - method” (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packaging: Dispenser with about 100 pellets.