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Shower gel

Shower gel Shower gel

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Alfons Ven developed these unique shower gel for a 4 years old child. The little boy did not tolerate any kind of soap. Meanwhile this product became a blessing to everybody in the bathroom and sports bag!
It is a shower gel with a base of 100 % natural ingredients and will be tolerated well by all types of skin. A must for people with a difficult skin. Good results in case of acne. These shower gel can also be used as a shampoo, your hair will be soft and shining. The quality of this product is on the base of the living water from the Belgian Ardennes and refined by the scent of real lavender. The quality of all the ingredients is exceptional.
Refreshing and fine,
For shower, bath and hair
This product is really fair
Skin problems, in that case
Your little child ‘s grimy face
To use from head to toe
Everybody will love you
Without sting in the eyes
Rapidly energy you guys
Relaxing time after time
All this for a dime
Only for outward application: suitable for everyone, even when someone is allergic to soap. Gives shine to skin and hair...In case of long hair rinse with a balm.
Composition: among other things with lavender originating from the Mont Blanc. Plants on this altitude (1400 meters) produce a very fine, high qualitative etheric oil! It contains also plants of our regions: wheat and beets (are storing the energy of the sun). Among others the wheat is rich in vitamin E and the beets are responsible for the gels gentle characteristic of washing. The wheat germ oil in this gel is an exceptionally finely splitted condition, which makes it easy to be absorbed by the skin. This high-technological application is very expensive en therefore rarely used in cosmetics. How a small thing can be great! Wheat germ oil, wheat starch, betain, vitamin E, lecithin, lavender oil
Packing: Transparent plastic bottle with a flappable cap, contents: e 500 ml