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Stressful conditions and exhaustion are problems often seen in this modern time. In short too much is often required of you.  
The pile of work which you cannot handle any longer. The problems between you and your colleague which make you desperate. The lack of night's rest, which exhausts both mentally as physically. Besides there is pressure as a result of a test you have to make, an important contest or a presentation… At these exact moments it is very important to remain focused, but your memory betrays you, it senses like a black-out, you become indecisive and your courage and audacity is failing. You received bad news, an accident happens in front of you or you’re involved in an accident yourself. You are traumatized, you are feeling totally overloaded… And the baby is crying because his first teeth are appearing. When you find yourself in a distressing SUPPORT will always bring inner calmness and strength.
For example: in times of agitation and worries, during stressful situations, in stressful times as a result of tests or similar situations, reduced spirit, exhaustion: physical and/or mental, overload, weak nerves, traumatisms, the startled feeling after you heard bad news or you have seen an accident happen, grieve, doubt, during busy activities, improves performances, memory and the capacity to concentrate, promotes a natural healthy night’s rest…
The support you need at hard times...
A feeling of calmness is immediately tangible, a feeling of "I am not standing all by myself". Your mental resilience becomes stronger as you will take SUPPORT for a longer time. The annoying hunger, caused by inner disorder, disappears. Suitable for any age, also during pregnancy and breast feeding. One can’t abuse the pellets and they have a very particular value. Can be combined perfectly with a dispenser SHE.
Also animals can benefit from SUPPORT:
Stressful situations during travelling, new surroundings, holidays; nervous feeling with for example dogs and horses (also before and during a game or an exhibition); during recovery... Plants also will be grateful if you solve some pellets in the water that you will sprinkle. They will be less subject for plant sicknesses and - insects.
Composition: Saccharose and lactose, 100% traditional prepared according to the revolutionary “Ven - method” (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packaging: Green dispenser with about 100 pellets.