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Tooth paste

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This special toothpaste with a nostalgic tinge, has a unique fresh taste, improves the condition of the gums, whitens the teeth for real and keeps them shiny.
Does not contain artificial sweeteners neither fluoride. Cleans the teeth, the gums and dentures in a soft but careful way. Restores the bio flora of the oral cavity. Recommended as a maintenance toothpaste for every age. Also suitable for children. Exclusively made out of natural elements from vegetable and mineral kingdom. An extra surplus value: contains Crab Apple according to dr. Bach and a spagyrian prepared tincture according to dr. Geerts. Both ingredients are respectively known for their deep cleansing ability and antiseptic effect.
- maintenance toothpaste among other things for sensitive gums
- maintenance toothpaste for smokers: whitens the teeth
- increases the resistance against bad bacteria and moulds
- a long-term fresh breath and safe laughs makes you feel sure
- brushing your teeth, gums and dentures in an unique way
Natural cleaning...
Composition: chalk mineral, Montmorillonite clay, Stevia, Peppermint, mint, Crab Apple & Echinacea (both of own cultivation).
Packing: Plastic tube * with an easy flappable cap, contents: e 100 gr.
* This tube is unique because it consists of several layers. It increases the preservability of the product, therefore it assures a long-term quality.