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With TRAVEL you can prevent a lot of misery, if you are not feeling well!
Everyone will recognize the arising itch in the throat, which makes you sound like a seal. You planned a journey and you do not feel very well. You consumed something depraved and your bowels are getting a little troubled… You are not feeling as fit as usual, it takes your body more effort to be active... TRAVEL purifies head, throat and bronchia. Stimulates the digestion!
Travel has a soothing effect on the head, calms the throat, makes breathing through the nose easier, leads to a natural function of the stomach, for example when it feels stuffed or when you are windy. Helps purification of liver and bile.
Travel clears!
Also animals can benefit from TRAVEL:
for example in case of watery eyes - moderating influence on bronchia, strengthens the stomach, good for a natural bowel function (extremely with horses!) - supports in case of ageing, etc.
Composition: Saccharose and lactose, 100% traditional prepared according to the revolutionary “Ven - method” (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packaging: Dispenser with about 100 pellets.