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ZdA (Salt of the Earth)

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Alfons Ven discovered in 2004 the salt of the earth (“ZdA”). One of the Ven remedies to promote the natural defense system of the body cells more specifically. “ZdA” is beneficial to the flow in and between the cells.
Improves the communication with the inner human being and all what surrounds us. “ZdA” has a favorable influence on symptoms of old age, stimulates the brain cells, makes you more alert, ensures rebuilding of the cells, promotes a harmonious growth. “ZdA” has a liberating and positive effect. The grey clouds will go away and move over for more light in your life… By its cleansing effect, “ZdA” is capable of soaking off emotions from the past, we recommend you to be coached by a Ven-therapist at this particular moment. “ZdA” helps you to become more assertive, increases the quality of life. Marvelous results were already reported. See the text on this website. On request Stichting Evolution Visie will send you a free booklet ’The discovery of the Salt of the Earth’.
Suitable for any age. One cannot abuse the pellets and they have a very particular value. Perfectly to combine with a dispenser SHE – HE - SUPPORT.
Composition: Saccharose and lactose, 100% traditional prepared according to the revolutionary “Ven - method” (on the basis of plants and minerals).
Packaging: Dispenser with about 100 pellets.