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Testimonial from V.H.,AZ, USA 2018-09-18

Hello! I am done with Lymes and doing well! Thank you so much for continuing to sell your father in law's wonderful products. I refer many people to your website.

Testimonial from Letrice, CA, USA 2018-08-14

I’m not sure if I told you this before, but taking Alfons Ven Lyme pellets in 2016 and 2017 got me out of my wheelchair (90% of the time) after being in my wheelchair for 5 long years!!! I had severe shin bone pain in both legs, which I could not stand or walk making the pain even more excruciating and it felt like my shin bones were going to literally break in half!! THANK YOU and Alfons Ven!!!


Testimonial from Chris S. , PA, USA 2018-08-05

Alfons Ven's treatments have had a profound effect on me. Some improvements were dramatic and quite obvious (an intense phobia for paying my bills disappeared).

Some improvements have been quite subtle, but no less miraculous - such as a vastly improved ability to meditate and stay still and utterly peaceful within for long periods of time.

A number of people around me have taken the Ven treatments, too. I have observed similar improvements in them. Often the changes are so subtly effected and the restoration to the state of their true self seems so natural that these people do not attribute the changes to Alfon's treatments. It is only because I have been with these people for so long and observed the "current normal" state of their behavior that I can attribute the before and after changes to the Ven treatments. A common theme is the restoration of a sense of clarity and calm.

Also - on a less subtle note, my brother was almost unable to walk from Lyme disease. After 8 months of the Alfons Ven treatments, he can now run again.

Alfons Ven's treatments are a work of healing genius and a true gift to humanity. There are zero negative side effects and cures are effected quickly. This is so much kinder to the body than the pharmaceutical model which only seeks to mask symptoms and leaves the body with dis-ease.

Chris S.

Feedback from John, Australia 2015-03-15

I have previously purchased the Lyme Package on to different occasions for 2 separate Lyme infections. On both occasions I managed to fully eliminate the infections using your Package & I just want to thank you so very much for making this product available to the world. It is such a powerful method to eradicate this horrible bacteria, yet it is so easy to take and does not require special diets. I owe my life to this product and to you & your dear father....thank you, thank you, thank you....from the depths of my heart.

V. - USA 2015-07-24

I truly appreciate you so much. I am grateful that your products exist and that you represent them.

D. - USA 2015-07-24

Thanks so much for the information. I'm sure all this will be worked out in a year or two, I'm pretty sure that Lyme Disease is underneath all the mold/parasites anyway, & we will definitely be staying on your treatments. Of note, I am experiencing the subtle, energetic, psychological changes from the pellets already, which has been fantastic! I feel much more confidence, less anxiety & anger, & my relationships with my husband/friends/co-workers are improving! Thanks again, D.

J. - Canada 2015-08-15

I have just completed the MSP Lyme program and feel much better. I'd like to pursue my exploration of myself, towards a greater balance.

T.B. - USA 2015-10-15

I am making good progress, each day I feel stronger. For the last 10 days I've been going to the beach, taking walks and swimming, it's spring here and the weather is beautiful. No words I write can ever convey the deep gratitude I feel for these products, for you and for Alfons Ven himself. May god bless you all and may all those who need to know about the benefits of these God given gifted remedies be guided to you. All my love,


I have had a stiff neck on the right side since I got meningitis when I was 11. After my 3rd dose of PO it is gone. Wow!

J.S. - USA 2016-07-18

Today will be my 8th day of taking CHIM FLOUX Aviva and I have so much more energy, am sleeping better, and have started taking small walks up and down the street.I hope to continue making good progress.

E.A. - USA 2016-07-16

You are remarkable in your concentrated efforts for quality interaction and attention to your clients. It is so highly appreciated and never taken for granted. This is so refreshing to know that i am attended to and basically, enveloped within a caring such as i have never experienced with someone who is offering healing remedies. I can now sleep all through the night! My husband thought that there was something the matter because I was sleeping so soundly.
The depth of this experience with you and your staff and family is a healing in Itself. Words are inadequate here, Miss Myriam.